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Here is what we're proud to talk about - in the end of the day, these are the things that keep you connected, and we want to be a part of that.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch while on the go from any device that's connected to the hotspot device!

Multiple Devices

All of our mobile devices create their own Wi-Fi hotspot that can handle up to 10 devices simultaniously. Some devices can run up to 20 devices without any issues.


Although speed will vary by location and signal strength, many of our customers report that we are 10x faster than their previous DSL provider. Our average download speed is 20Mbps, and in some rare cases we have seen download speeds as high as 100Mbps

Perfect In Any Environment

We're no stranger to office, or home environments. Some businesses like to accessibility of having internet on the go, and we're able to provide that for them.

We've also been used as an in-office provider, especially when it's inconvenient to run wires through difficult places.

Our service is using AT&T towers, just at a better and discounted rate!


Check out our coverage map below!

Why choose us?

Need more reasons? We're happy to provide them.

Unlimited Streaming

Stream Anywhere, Anytime. Our service gives you the convenience of having a true internet connection on the go.

Unlimited Data

We do not limit or cap your data usage. At home, or on the go - you'll always have unlimited data.

It's In Your Hands

Need wired internet? Most of the devices we offer allow you to plug an ethernet cable into them for a wired connection!


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